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At the point when a way2sms is gotten that matches this SMS order prefix (on account of "*", any SMS that doesn't coordinate another characterized prefix), the door dispatches a summon processor (CMD) that basically echoes the content back to the screen including "Reverberate" to the start of the got content. In this case, the sender of the SMS message will get a "Resound" back of the charge that they sent in to the portal. While not a to a great degree helpful charge, this is a valuable method for testing to see that the passage is alive and equipped for accepting SMS messages. 

Notwithstanding supporting the dispatch of charge line programs, the "Order to Execute" field can likewise be a HTTP summon, making the passage associate by means of HTTP to another application server to advise the application server of insights with respect to the got message. 
At the point when a HTTP order is utilized, if the charge is to restore a reaction to the door specifically, the HTTP reaction must be of the MIME content compose "content/plain". 

It is additionally feasible for any HTTP order to restore a HTTP divert reaction to the door, which teaches the entryway to bring an elective URL, even a URL summon that contains parameters to advise the passage to present a message. This can be valuable for making a 2-way order content that reacts with double message content. 
In the event that a HTTP summon requires HTTP confirmation with a username and secret word, the URL arrangement of "http://username:password@host.name/way" is bolstered. At the point when a URL summon is characterized in this organization, the entryway will associate with "http://host.name/way" utilizing an approval header of the predetermined username and secret key. 

The "Summon to Execute" field can likewise indicate an email address, in which case any got SMS messages that match the arranged "SMS Command Prefix" will be sent to the predefined email address. 

In the event that the trump card SMS order prefix isn't related with any summon, any inbound SMS messages that don't coordinate a prefix will be spared to the SMS-IN catalog with a record augmentation of ".SMS", and they might be handled by another application free of the portal.